I did not write these, I do not take credit for this. Click on this link read what is says then read someones responce.

It makes me sad to see Christan's giving other Christan's a bad name, there are many forms of Christan's and I will admit I don't nearly go to Church as much I a should, and that I am not very active in practicing my religion, but I will always believe in God, Jesus, Angels, Heaven, Hell etc. I have been born into playing Pokémon my whole life (Literally) It is not all about "forcing creatures to fight" ever look at two dogs? That live in the same house? That act like brother and sister? They "fight" all the time, they PLAY, battling/dueling etc (whatever you want to call it) is like a Pokémon's way of playing together, growing their bond, increasing their love for both each other and their trainer. Not to mention, that EVOLUTION EXISTS IT IS SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN. IF YOU DON'T THINK A BIRD CAN CHANGE ITS DAMN BEAK DEPENDING ON THE FOOD SOURCES THEN GO BACK TO 6TH GRADE YOU HAG. Evolution more then anything is more of growing up than anything...Just like how one day your child (which I personally feel bad for because they have to deal with a lunatic like you) will grow up move out and think to him self (My mom was a nut O.O ) Pokémon has brought me nothing but happiness (except my wallet) and if it were not for Pokémon, I would not have the few friends I have in real life, and the many friends I have all over the world. Pokémon is about bringing people together to be united and caring for one another. It taught me the values of friendship, and if friendship is not holy, then you certainly are not either and you have no place to say it is evil because if you ask me, your evil yourself, trying to brainwash your child that something that everything else but the Bible, Church, Heaven, God etc. Is evil. Sorry for ranting but I needed to write this so one day other people that think that same as this "Zeem" will read it and understand how idiotic they are acting.

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