• I'm not gonna Raichu a love song, 'cause you asked for it, 'cause you need one.
  • Oppa Gengar style, op op op, oppa Gengar style, EEEEEYYYY Sexy Clefairy!
  • Kokoro no Yuuki, bakuhatsu sa se te, mawaitsu tsu say ku ru metaru faight Blazekiiiiiiin, Nekketsu Blazerrrrrrr
  • Dugtrio D-d-dugtrio, Dugtrio, digital diggers Dugtrio's are the champions! Diglett, into champions! Diglett into Ultimate! Dugtrio, digital diggers, Dugtrio.
  • Maractus! Maractus! I feel the power, 'mon of the hour, got my pokeball ready and the skills to devour, I came to battle, who wanna battle?, (GO,) Maractus! Now flip it in the battle. Make, make, make you (pin, missile,) MARACTUS. Make it, make it, make it (Pin missile, P-p-pin missile) I came to puncture it. Yo I'm Thorny now!(Sp-spike it up) I got the whole world saying "OW!" (MARACTUS) Yo I puncture it out. (Sp-spike it up) I GOT THE WHOLE WORLD SAYING "OW!" (Maractus!)

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