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  • I was born on August 6
  • My occupation is Trainer, Blader, Controller, Tamer, Shinigami, Demon Slayer, Shinobi, Meister, Mage, Exorcist, Nichijouper, Chojurian, Shepherd, etc. I am also a double agent for the Ayase Army and S.S. Kuroneko.
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  • PachirisuPlusEmolga

    I did not write these, I do not take credit for this. Click on this link read what is says then read someones responce.

    It makes me sad to see Christan's giving other Christan's a bad name, there are many forms of Christan's and I will admit I don't nearly go to Church as much I a should, and that I am not very active in practicing my religion, but I will always believe in God, Jesus, Angels, Heaven, Hell etc. I have been born into playing Pokémon my whole life (Literally) It is not all about "forcing creatures to fight" ever look at two dogs? That live in the same house? That act like brother and sister? They "fight" all the time, they PLAY, battling/dueling etc (whatever yo…

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  • PachirisuPlusEmolga
    • I'm not gonna Raichu a love song, 'cause you asked for it, 'cause you need one.
    • Oppa Gengar style, op op op, oppa Gengar style, EEEEEYYYY Sexy Clefairy!
    • Kokoro no Yuuki, bakuhatsu sa se te, mawaitsu tsu say ku ru metaru faight Blazekiiiiiiin, Nekketsu Blazerrrrrrr
    • Dugtrio D-d-dugtrio, Dugtrio, digital diggers Dugtrio's are the champions! Diglett, into champions! Diglett into Ultimate! Dugtrio, digital diggers, Dugtrio.
    • Maractus! Maractus! I feel the power, 'mon of the hour, got my pokeball ready and the skills to devour, I came to battle, who wanna battle?, (GO,) Maractus! Now flip it in the battle. Make, make, make you (pin, missile,) MARACTUS. Make it, make it, make it (Pin missile, P-p-pin missile) I came to puncture it. Yo I'm Thorny now!(…
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