Show :OEdit

"The Sandile and Kirby Show" is a Youtube webshow which features plush toys interviewing,having "A moment in history" or random skits such as "Invisible Baking".

Trivia :PEdit

-The shows co-creators Youtube accounts are PachirisuPlusEmolga and InuyashaFan60, InuyashaFan61.

-The co-creators are cousins.

-Most videos take 3-4 times to film properly

-Sandile102 is Sandiles Vlog channel! here be the link: ~Sandile

-Kirby likes Pie ~Kirby

-If you watch a bunch Sandile and Kirby show you might start to laugh abruptly and akward eating soup.... ~Llama man

-You just read some Trivia ~ Shaymin :3

News :DEdit

-ERMAGERD GERS WERT! Season 2 production starts June!

-...More news soon?

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