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Shaymin being interviewed on the old interview.


Shaymin appears breifly in episode 2 and again in episode 3 where he has his most screen time. In episode 2 he is used as an intermission and in episode 3 he is interviewed on a previous interview were he states "It was me yes it was!I was the one that had the accident on the floor!" at first seeming as a silly joke but after reviewing it since he says its when the aliens attack alot of speculation has been built on this possibly reffering to the season finale part 1"The Sandile and Kirby show!Sandiles Shadow, rescue the Silver Queen!" alot of people belive that "when the aliens attack" has something to do with the mystery of Sandiles Mother and that she somehow needs to be saved.


-Yes I did it!It was me yes yes it was!Im the one that had the accident on the floor!

-I don't know I don't want to talk 'bout it.


-Shaymin is the first interviewed character.

-Shaymin so far only appears in sky form.

-It is hinted that a character from the first 3 episodes will return. Most people belive that it will be Shaymin or Tepig when Tepig makes a cameo at the end of episode 3.