Sandile when he was a baby.

Sandiles Mom is currently unkown as Sandile was abandoned when he was a baby and left infont of a hollow where he stayed with a family of Drilbur and Excadril. Sandiles Mom will appear in the season finale of season one in a two part video called "The Sandile and Kirby show!Sandiles Shadow,rescue the silver queen!" and part 2 "The Sandile and Kirby show!Final showdown, battle at Spear Pillar!".


-From the title of the two episodes it is questioned that Sandiles Mom is the "Silver Queen".

-It was hinted in a interview with the two co-creators that an old friend will return.Possibly reffering to a character that was in the begining episodes such as episode1,2 or 3.

-Alot of conspirecy has gone over the season finale why it would say "Sandiles Shadow" one of the most common theories is that Sandile will be kidnapped or something else.

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