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Sandile(Left,Kirby right.)


Sandile loves to be silly, make fun of others and he also likes to have the spotlight on him. Being a part "ground type" Pokemon drinking too much water can make him a little crazy as shown in various episodes. His best friend is kirby and although they don't always get along they always pull through in the end. Sandile wants to get his own youtube channel but has been rejected as youtube worries he would take over the site with his extensive fanbase. He is famous for his one hit wonder song called "One day I threw a rainbow at a Pony". He is trying to make a comeback with new songs like"Im Sandile and I know it","Kirby likes Pie","Me and my bestest friend". He even stars as a contestant on the hit show Poke-Idol. He is extremely brave and represents the element and crest of Courage to fight the powers of darkness.


-Im sorry I think I drank a little too much water....

-I had a brainboltboot.

-Im sorry im sorry. I think we all are a little drunk today so come back next time and watch us! WEEEEEEEEE.

-I think he poisoned my water with something....adults eat?

-No pie. I hate pie I hate you and I hate your poop.

-Im so excited im gonna be, FAMOUS!


-All's fair in pranks and WAR!

-I don't care if resistance is futile! FIRE THE CANNON AND KILL THAT BIRD! THATS AN ORDERRRRRR!!!!!!


-He has a major crush on Lillipup.

-He is skilled at pranks.

-His favorite food is Cupcakes but he also likes Applesauce and Cookies.

-He is talented at the art of Sandjitsu. Displaying this in a future episode. Being a master of sandjitsu he can move an entire desert with a flick of his wrist.

-Sandile is an orphan.

-Weilding the element of Courage, Sandile bolsters his teams Attack.