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Description== Patrat is sort of a Meme character. Appearing in a total of 3 episodes as of Poke-Idol. In his first appearance he is simply being interviewed how ever in EP6 he randomly appears and sings the Hamster Dance song.He will be a reacurring character that will act as a Meme. In the upcoming episode featuring Sandjitsu he gets caught in the crossfire between Sandile and Kirby, he only manages to stay alive by preforming "The Hamster Dance" to channel the ancient spirits of Patrat to save him. Patrat is very knowledgable (surprisingly) and represents the element and crest of Knowledge to fight the powers of darkness.


-Well I like nuts.....Peanuts to be exact.

-De da doo ba dee by doo by dee do do be da doo do da deeba doo da dee da doo.


-Peanuts, Peanuts are good.


-His favorite thing in the world is peanuts.

-He will star in his own special episode"Patrat and the Enchanted Peanut"

-His ancestors were the ones that discovered the Peanut.

-He is the Winner of the first Poke-Idol.

-Wielding the power of knowledge, Patrat bolsters his teams strategy.