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Pansage is the leader of the triplets. He is the main singer in their performance in Poke-Idol. He is also the most talkative out of the 3.


Pansear is the most silent of the triplets. He is the main dancer in their performance in Poke-Idol.


She is what holds the 3 together. Without her Pansear and Pansage tend to get into fights that once caused the destruction of there home in Cherryberry forest. Because of that incident Panpour stepped up to control them.they now reside at a Italian Resturant.


-Pansage;Hello! Pansear;Hello! Panpour;W-ait...HELLOOOOOOOO!

-Pansage;It needs Pansear:More..... Panpour:Cheese!!!!

-Panpour;Stop fighting or else I'll summon the wrath of Reshiram upon you!


-They tend to finish eachother's sentances.

-They are the worlds best cooks.

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