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Lillipup's first appearance.

Description== Lillipup is a movie star and has alot of fans, Sandile being one of them.In one of her movies she is a princess that is captured by King DeDeDe and Meta Knight saves her and Meta Knight turns out to be a Magikarp. Lillipup is extremely loving and represents the element and crest of Love and uses it to fight the powers of darkness.


-Uh er...Your scaring me.....


-Latias, Blitzle! NO!!!




-Prepare for land battle!


-She will become one of the most reapearing characters along with Patrat.

-As of episode 5 she has only appeared in one epsiode....Episode 5.

-She secretly owns all of Sandiles CD's however she does not know who sang the songs since she bought only the discs off of e-Bay.

-Wielding the power of Love, Lillipup bolsters her teams mood.