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Dewott's first appearance.


Dewott works as the security for the Sandile and Kirby show. Debuting in episode 5 and appearing a few more times after that. He is a master swordsman and is good at chopping things with his scal-chops. His brother Oshawott lives at home with his mother after their dad was lost in a desert only to be carried away by a Skarmory only to never be seen again. Dewott represents the element and crest of Kindness (shared with Oshawott) and uses it to fight evil.


-Chop!Chop!Chop!DIE YOU CARROT!!!!


-Scraggy exterminated.


-He is a ninja skilled in the art of Wottjitsu.

-His little brother (Oshawott) is a big fan of the show.

-He wields the crest of Kindness along with his brother Oshawott. The crest is also the ONLY shared crest.